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I’m always excited with opportunities to engage and empower women. Every woman must understand who she is and what she has been equipped to accomplish as she completes every milestone of life. We are in a season and generation that life is moving very fast, changes are manifesting unannounced and we are bombarded every passing moment with information wanted and unwanted, so it’s important for everyone of us to be prepared to engage with a bottom line of success against all odds.
 I am hoping you can join my blog conversations as we engage in discussions that can make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of the people within our sphere of influence. 
 LIFE is real and the challenges we face daily can be nerve wrecking, so let’s see how we can use the Word of God to understand our unique circumstances and overcome through the Word. I have walked closely with God over 3 decades and I have never seen Him fail.
          I will be starting a once a month virtual phone conference meeting with young ladies (Single and Married) to brainstorm and share on how to navigate through their world using practical approach from the Word of God. 
Stay tuned.
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What a Woman He made Me Ministries (WAWHM3)

Rev.Dr. Mrs. Afoluso Adesanya

Dearly beloved woman of God,


I thank God that you heard the message from God to be part of this meeting today and you responded. You are welcome to the Presence of the Eternal God.

 A few years ago the Lord gave me this phrase: “what a woman He made me” and over the years I have come to appreciate the relevance and the importance of this phrase in the times we are in. The What a Woman He Made Me ministry is an outreach arm of Reconciliation Ministries that focuses primarily on the total woman.

God has declared it in His word time and time over that we have a relevant and very strategic role to play as part of the end-time army of the Lord. But for this to be a reality, we as women must have a clear understanding of who we are, and come out of self into God, which is an area many are still having major challenges; but may God give you the grace to be delivered from self.
As women we are usually self conscious, and self-focused. But the woman that is represented here is one that is confident of who she is, yet not self-centered but kingdom-centered; a woman that is determined to realize her destiny without compromise and with all diligence in God.

What a Woman He Made Me Mnistry is a global word based women’s’ ministry that has been commissioned and anointed by God in this hour to help raise up exploiters for God’s Kingdom. To help every woman find herself in God, develop her God given potentials, and work efficiently in Churches and society to help people find a balance in their walk with God. Grooming highly successful and accomplished women, who are complete either as; single, or as wives that will support their husbands, and being Mothers that will raise up Godly offspring is part of the desire God has laid on my heart. We are geared to developing women that will excel in every walk of Life, and without a compromise of who they are in God as demonstrated at home and in their secular life. Being leaders in our time with the glory of God upon our lives as the hallmark of our persons, and having good success as a vital tool is a must i.e. we must possess these attributes.

   I trust God that as each woman arises in the power of the Spirit and we will fulfill our God-given assignments. Have a victorious everyday life that is impacted and propelled by the empowering Word of God. Be the woman God made, designed, and destined you to be in every way in Jesus name. Amen.

God’s handmaiden,

Rev. Dr. Mrs. Afoluso Adesanya

What A Woman He Made Me Ministry

A Women’s Outreach Ministry of Reconciliation Ministries World Outreach.