Telios Men’s Ministry is an outreach ministry of Reconciliation Ministries dedicated to reaching men.

The word Telios comes from the Greek word “Teleos” which means mature and is more directly applied in Eph. 4:13. “Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (KJV)

Telios Men’s ministry is therefore dedicated to reaching out to men to help them become mature.


  • To Reach out to men regardless of denomination, race, ethnicity, background, to make them complete in Christ
  • To use every available means and media to reach men, including but not limited to; Prayer meetings, prayer breakfasts, men’s fellowship meetings and men’s conventions.
  • To assist men in spiritual growth and development.
  • To assist men in development maturity in their character to become fully mature and attain full stature in Christ
  • To assist men in building successful relationships with families and communities
  • To assist men in building a true sense of brotherhood and covenant in supporting one another to succeed.
  • To assist Men in seeing the full progression of their destiny from birth as boys, to young men, to full grown adults to old men, brothers, husbands and fathers. To help identify critical developmental milestones and functions that will help in behavioral conditioning and approach in life. Helping men understand that strength is not bullying or dictatorship and leadership is gentle and facilitating and supportive others to get to goal.

Telios Men’s Ministry was founded by Apostle Dr. Hezekiah Adesanya and provides the framework of structure to reach men both within REMWO and externally at large.

Current Programs:

Mentoring program and follow up

Visitations to Men’s only shelters

Quarterly Men’s fellowship day. Usually on a Saturday held at one of the brother’s homes. Even though this is a program for REMWO Men, all are welcome. Objective is to increase participation, brotherhood and support.

Quarterly Men’s prayer breakfast. Open forum open to all, usually held at hotels, registration is free. Joins us for worship, prayer, food, Word and ministrations. Attended by many churches and denominations, prayer focus is individual and for the city and communities.