Bishop Dr. Hezekiah Adesanya

Dr. Adesanya, called of God and ordained as an Apostle to the Nations, has been serving faithfully in the Ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ for over 25 years. He is a physician by profession and also ordained as an Apostle for over 18 years. He has preached the gospel in 27 nations up to date, spanning across four continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. These meetings, mostly conventions, seminars, crusades and Church Invitations, are filled with the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, with miracles, signs and wonders,  under a strong Prophetic/ Apostolic anointing. He has ministered to several government and business leaders across the many countries he has ministered in.

Pastored in Trinidad & Tobago for over 10 years before relocating to the USA in 1998 and since then has planted churches and started bible fellowships, continued nurturing & grooming ministers and ministries. He is a seasoned church planter, and functions as Presiding Bishop of Reconciliation Ministries World Outreach and as Apostolic covering over several Ministers, Churches, and Ministries. He delights in personal development and mentoring of others to attain full height and stature in Christ. He currently functions as Senior Pastor of the Flagship Church of REMWO; Faith and Victory Chapel along with The Reverend Dr. Mrs. Afoluso Adesanya

He is the founder and Presiding Chief Apostle of the Reconciliation Ministries Apostolic Leaders Conference; an Apostolic organization dedicated to developing Apostolic/Pastoral networks globally to fulfill the great commission. Matt. 28:19.

REMWO-ALC consists of Apostolic leaders world-wide and is open to Apostles and other ministers/Churches who desire to be part of this fellowship. REMWO-ALC will provide covenant fellowship, development, mentoring, ordination, consecration and support for all ministers and churches within this umbrella. Currently REMWO-ALC is represented across 4 continents of the world. It is a forum for those who seek to be all that God has called them to be.

Happily married to Dr. Mrs. Afoluso Adesanya, his wife of over 25 years, they have three sons. He has also authored several books, and is the editor of REMWO quarterly newsletter.

Mentors and Leadership:

While God has used people at different times to bring releases at various levels of ministry; God brought the Idahosas into his life, Archbishop Benson Idahosa (late) and Archbishop Margaret Benson-Idahosa who have the most profound impact on his life and ministry.

Bishop Dr. Adesanya is also a member of the International Charismatic Communion of Churches with Headquarters in Atlanta USA.

You may contact Dr. Adesanya at apostle.h@remwo.org, Also follow him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ApostleHezy  

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Reverend Dr. Afoluso Adesanya


What a Woman He made me! So she declared many years ago! Rev. Dr. Afoluso Adesanya is in every bit the woman that God has made, as she likes to put it, all by Himself. She is in every way confident, secure and sure of herself as a woman, wife, mother and minister of the gospel.

She is a physician as well as ordained minister of the gospel. She met her husband in medical school and both graduated in 1987, since then she has been on fire for the Lord. She is a woman of God who believes very strongly that God has a place for women in the ministry and in life in general, and when she begins to minister to women, she translates to another levelcompletely. She has ministered in over 20 Nations alongside with her husband with a powerful prophetic apostolic anointing, She is in high demand as a speaker to conventions, seminars and crusades.

She is the mother of three boys born after 10 years of marriage. Her testimony is this: God is faithful to his promises She is also an author and music composer. Along with her husband she serves as a counselor, and apostolic covering over the several ministries locally and internationally. She functions as Pastor of REMWO Flagship church; Faith and Victory Chapel.

In 2006 under the Lord’s direction, What a Woman He Made Me Ministries (WAWHM3) was officially launched as an outreach arm of REMWO.  Read more at the WAWHM page

She functions as the Apostolic Canon Missioner in REMWO-ALC and desires to see a total transformation in the lives of people into all that God has for them.

You may contact her at PastorF@remwo.org,  also follow on facebook @: https://www.facebook.com/pages/What-A-Woman-He-Made-Me-Ministries