Reconciliation Ministries History & Critical Milestones


1987 May: Birth in prayer, commence preaching and teaching. Served in local church


The Trinidad and Tobago years 1988-1998:

1988 June: Home Bible fellowship in San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago, start itinerant ministry.

1989 July: Start school of ministry for 30 pastors and church leaders over 4 denominations, 12 churches. Developed Ministry team.

1991: Official launch of Church phase of ministry, Christ Restoration Chapel started with 17 members.

1993: Nations outreach started with a crusade trip to Guyana, SA.

1995: Explosive Church growth and 1st international Faith convention that brought delegates from over 5 countries.  Start Reconciliation Ministries School of the bible.

1995: Additional Churches planted in Trinidad

1997: Birth of Suriname pastoral network and missions outreach.


1998 up to date:

1998: Start of US based local ministry, Reconciliation Ministries World Outreach USA incorporated in May 1998. 1st church planted in July 1998.

2004: Plant and launch of Faith and Victory Chapel, Fort Washington, PA

2009: Birth of Reconciliation Ministries World Outreach South Carolina USA.

2010:  .  Birth of REMWO Apostolic Leaders Conference (REMWO-ALC)Apostolic Pastoral Networks in USA, Togo, Ghana, Congo-DRC, Congo-Brazzav, South Africa, Haiti, Angola and Nigeria