Faith and victory Chapel (FV&C) is the flagship Church of Reconciliation Ministries where Bishop and Rev. Dr. Adesanya serve as the Senior Pastors.  FV&C is a bible believing and Family oriented church where we believe in the Word of God as the ultimate, we believe in becoming all that God has in store for us and fulfilling our destiny and purpose.

The very words of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself declares; “life is more than food and drink, the body more than the clothes you put on” Matthew 6:25.

Yes we believe in prosperity and all the promises of God, but more importantly fulfilling His divine Will and purpose for our lives and existence is what matters and is our drive at FV&C, a place where the Love of Jesus Christ is manifested and the presence of the precious Holy Spirit is constant.

Below you will find many reasons for you to fellowship with us and if you’re looking for a home Church, We believe Psalms 68:6; “God places lonely people in families….” (God’s Word translation), therefore we welcome all trusting that they will become part of this Church family.


This Church is for you if:

You have a desire to be part of a fellowship and a Church family community

  • You have a burning desire to be all that God wants you to be.
  • You are looking for solutions in life; you’ve been all over and haven’t found it. By the wisdom of God, REMWO is a place of solutions for people.
  • If you feel rejected, depressed and unwanted, because you don’t fit in where you are currently, REMWO will help you find your destiny and fulfillment in life.
  • If you believe your destiny is more than the usual and you’re looking for mentoring to grow in God to fulfill your destiny.
  • If you’ re a Pastor or Minister, looking for that Apostolic covering, mentoring, leadership and activation of your spiritual gifts.